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          เงินฟรี เล่นการพนันให้รวย

          Your Source of Canadian Real Estate Assignments & Pre-Sale Opportunities

          Ski In, Tee Off, Set Sail - Canada has it all!

          From world-class recreational resorts to vibrant, cosmopolitan cities, Investment, Retirement, Emigration or Holiday Home opportunities exist right here.

          Whether you want a home on the waterfront in Vancouver, a condo in the urban heart of Toronto or a chalet in the ski fields of the Rockies, exclusively brings you detailed listings of pre-completion properties - both Assignment sales and Off-Plan/Pre-Sales - and some Resales throughout Canada.

          Canada is currently witnessing a boom in the real estate industry and Pre-Sale buying (or 'buying Off Plan', as it is known in Europe) is increasingly popular as more and more residential developments are moving from the drawing board to the cities' skylines and resort ranges. Similarly, Assignment sales are flourishing, reflecting the high demand from buyers still wanting an apartment within popular developments that have already sold out (or are close to selling out).

          allows prospective Purchasers to choose from a large selection of unique and desirable properties for sale within these particular areas of real estate. The Realtors who list their assignment properties on are governed by the Canadian Real Estate Association and their codes of practice.

          Sellers of Assignments and Pre-Sales in Canada will now have an opportunity to advertise their listings and give them the global exposure they deserve.

          This service provides up-to-date 24/7 browsing with all Realtors' (Estate Agents) and private sellers' contact information available.

          If you have any questions, please 'Contact Us' or 'Ask a Realtor'.

          Happy hunting,

          What the Buyers say...

          It's amazing what you can buy online these days!!

          I recently bought an investment property in Vancouver which I located through the website.

          It was quick and easy to obtain information and I shall refer back to this site in the future, when seeking other investment properties.

          Pat S., UK

          is a wonderful resource. I found the section on the Canadian property buying process to be invaluable.

          Joyce P., UK

          I bought an assignment that I saw listed on the web site. The listing realtor was very helpful and I am now looking to buy another.

          Ranjit K., Vancouver

          The building that I wanted to live in was sold out but I bought an assignment in it and am so happy that I did as now I can live where I want. Thank you to !

          Stephanie C., Vancouver

          Featured Realtor:

          Karim Virani
          Virani Real Estate Advisors, Vancouver

          Realtors: contact us to advertise here

          What the Realtors say...

          As a Realtor, I understand the importance of marketing excellence.

          did a fantastic job of promoting my assignment not only via the web, but also via very prominent British newspapers and magazines.

          They knew precisely where to find potential buyers and connected me directly to them. Sometimes, I even got requests for other businesses and other leads.

          Great job! Well beyond my expectations.

          I will definitely use again for assignments and potentially other regular listings that may require international coverage.

          Richard Morrison, Realtor, Sutton Group West Coast Realty, Vancouver, B.C.

          Thank you for your wonderful services - I do think your web site has been the best advertisement vehicle for me! I highly recommend it.

          Celia Shuster, Realtor, Sutton Group West Coast Realty, Vancouver, B.C.

          My assignment that I have listed on your web site is now sold. Thanks for your help and the great exposure.

          Matthew Collinge, Realtor, Royal LePage Westside, Vancouver, BC

          I enjoyed working with you and will definitely use you again in the future for "estate" listings.

          Dennis Paradis, Realtor, RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Ltd., Toronto, ON

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